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What is Rally?

Rally is an online platform that supports collaboration between the public and the research community.

Clinical research has many public benefits, from increasing our understanding of health and disease to discovering new treatments. Yet, for too long the public's role in research has been limited to that of the subject. Even then, there are obstacles to connecting people to the right research opportunities. As a result, many studies do not meet their participation goals, leading to weaker findings or incomplete research.

Rally is opening the door to the clinical research process. From study design to implementation, we're inviting the public to help shape a meaningful research experience and we're making it easier to find the studies relevant to you.

Who we are

Rally was developed by Mass General Brigham Research and the Massachusetts General Hospital Laboratory of Computer Science, in collaboration with the Mass General Division of Clinical Research, the Brigham and Women's Hospital Center for Clinical Investigation, and the Brigham Research Institute.