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Secure Messaging

Who can message me?

You might receive messages from a study team after you submit an interest form to that study through Rally.

You might also receive messages from study teams who have contacted you outside of Rally (for example, by phone, mail, or Patient Gateway). In these cases, the team will let you know that they will be reaching out through Rally before they send you a message.

Who can I message?

You can reply to a study team at any time after they start a secure messaging conversation. You cannot send a message to a team that has not messaged you first.

Why can't I view the message in my email?

In order to protect your privacy, emails do not include the name of the research project or the content of your messages.

Do I need a Rally account to view my message?

Yes. Creating a Rally account with a username and password ensures that your conversation with the research team remains private and secure, protecting it from being seen by others in an email or online.

What if I can't view my message?

If you have questions about creating an account or logging in to Rally, please Contact Us. These messages will not go to the study team.

If you prefer to speak with someone from the study team by phone instead of using secure messaging, you can find their contact phone number in the email notifying you of a new message.

How do I view my messages?

When a study team starts a secure messaging conversation with you, you will receive an email from with subject "Rally | New Message from a Researcher." Click on "View My Message" in the email. You will be prompted to log in or create a Rally account. You might also need to verify your phone number.

Once you have accepted a messaging conversation, you can view additional messages from that team from your email notification, the bell notification icon in your account, or your Messaging Inbox.

Where can I find my old messages?

Log in and click on the person icon or initials in the upper right. Then, select Messaging Inbox. (On mobile: Log in and click on the menu icon in the upper right. Then, select Messaging Inbox.)

Who can see my message?

Your messages go to the study team, not the individual. Some study teams might have multiple team members viewing and responding to these messages.