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So You Want to Volunteer for Research

Research at Mass General Brigham

When you decide to participate in research, you are making an important decision that will help make healthcare better for people like you.

Research at Mass General Brigham

There are many ways you can find research studies that are a good fit for you. Some start at your doctor's office. Your provider might recommend studies to you. Or, you might see flyers or posters for studies in their office. You might be approached by researchers in person at the hospital or in clinic. You could also receive invitations from researchers about studies that might interest you.

You can find studies on your own. You might learn about studies through public advertisements on the radio, in the paper, or on the train. You can look for studies on websites like Rally with Mass General Brigham and that provide the public with information about research.

How to Use Rally with Mass General Brigham to Find Studies

You can browse available research projects by the health topic the project is studying. You can also use search to find studies that interest you.

Search filters let you narrow your search down by things like your age, study location, and activities that might be included if you participate.

If you don't see a study that interests you now, you can save your search to get an email when new studies that match your interests start recruiting. You can also sign up for the Rally email list to learn about all the new studies that are added each week.

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