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Research Volunteer Bill of Rights

Research at Mass General Brigham

As you think about joining a research study, you should know your rights as a volunteer.

Research at Mass General Brigham

As a research participant, you have a right to:

  • Understand what is being studied and why it is being studied

  • Understand what you will be asked to do and what to expect the research team to do if you join the study

  • Understand any risks, side effects, or discomforts that you might expect if you join the study

  • Understand possible benefits of joining the study

  • Know if and how you might be paid for your time

  • Know if you might have to pay for anything as part of the study (for example, co-pays for doctor visits or parking for study visits)

  • Understand whether any medicines, treatments, or devices used in the study are different from usual care one might receive

  • Ask any questions and receive answers from the research team before consenting or agreeing to join the study

  • Take your time deciding whether you want to join the study

  • Know about treatment and care available if you experience side effects during the study

  • Receive a signed and dated copy of the consent agreement both you and the study team sign when you join a study

  • Know about major changes to the study that impact you after you join

  • Quit the study at any time, and have the help of the study team to safely stop any treatments or medicines

  • Freely choose whether or not you join a study, without feeling like you should or have to join

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